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Emergency Boards & Commissions

Board of Police Commissioners:

  • Cathy Paskus, Chairwoman
  • Michael Luba
  • Dennis Doyle
  • Michael J. Maffia
  • Tim Murawski
  • Town Council Liaison: Roxanne McCann

Civil Preparedness Commission:

  • Anthony J. Orsini, Director of Emergency Mgmt.
  • Charles Wiegert, Asst. Director of Emerg. Mgmt.

Board of Fire Commissioners:

  • Martin Sandshaw, Chairman
  • Gerald Wunsch, Vice-Chairman
  • Keith Golnik
  • Victor Mitchell
  • Vern Wagner
  • Daniel Wollenberg
  • Mark Redman
  • Roxanne McCann, Town Council Liaison

Plymouth Police Building Committee:

  • Victor Mitchell, Chairman
  • Michael Audette, Vice-Chairman
  • Cesar Beiros
  • Ed Benecchi
  • Christopher Latimer
  • Mark Sekorski
  • Ann Marie Rheault

Communications Commission: 

  • Marty Sandshaw, Chairman, Communications Commission
  • Brandon Johndro, PVAC Chief of Service
  • Raymond Kovaleski, Fire Marshal
  • Karen Krasicky, Police Chief
  • Ed Benecchi, Police Captain
  • Cathleen Paskus, Police Commission
  • Anthony Orsini, Emergency Management Director
  • Charles Wiegert, Public Works Director
  • Jason W. Patrick, WPCA Plant Manager
  • Paul Schwanka, PVAC Board of Directors
  • Ron Tiscia, Town Council Liaison


Local Emergency Planning Commission:

  • Anthony J. Osini, Director of Emergency Manager, Chairman
  • David Kosck, Bristol Hospital Rep.
  • Eric M. Oubre, Red Cross Rep.
  • Whit Betts, State Representative 78th District
  • Greg Cody, Fire Department, Deputy Chief
  • Raymond Kovaleski, Fire Marshal
  • Cassie Jacobs, Plymouth Volunteer Ambulance Corps
  • James Mazon, Board of Education Facilities Director
  • Karen Krasicky, Chief of Police
  • Brandon Johndro, Plymouth Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Chief of Service
  • Charles Wiegert, Public Works Director
  • Robert Rubbo, Torrington Area Health District, Director of Health
  • Mark Sekorski, Terryville Fire Chief
  • Henri Martin, State Senate 31st District

Plymouth Volunteer Ambulance Corps (PVAC) Board of Directors: 

  • Bonnie Doughty-Jenkins, President
  • Cassie Jacobs, Vice-President
  • Brandon Johndro, Chief of Service
  • Linda Konopaske, Treasurer
  • Norm Whitehurst, Assistant Chief
  • Ellen Roth, Captain of Training
  • Cynthia Badenhop, Secretary
  • Jolene Dutkiwicz
  • Steven Raymond
  • Paul Schwanka
  • Jennifer Gonzalez
  • Joe Green, Town Council Liaison


    Management Positions: 


  • Bonnie Doughty-Jenkins, President
  • Cassie Jacobs, Vice-President
  • Brandon Johndro, Chief of Service
  • Norm Whitehurst, Assistant Chief

Juvenile Review Board:

  • Chief Karen Krasicky - PPD
  • Chris Brody - PPD
  • Silvana Licata - PPS
  • Keith Blanchard - Juvenile Probation
  • Richard Dill
  • Michelle Luba - PPS
  • Shannon Surreira – PPS