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Payment Dates

Please Note: Due to the pandemic, the Governor has signed an executive order extending the last day to pay for some. Those extension are NOT reflected in the dates below, please call the Tax Office for more information.

Real Estate & Personal Property Tax
Original tax bills were mailed on or about June 29, 2020. Your annual  tax amount, if greater than $100, was divided into two equal installments. The first half came due July 1, 2020. The last day to pay this without penalty was August 1, 2020. The second half becomes due January 1, 2021 and February 1, 2021, was the last day to pay before interest began to accrue. The Town of Plymouth does not rebill for the second installment.

Motor Vehicle Tax
Your annual motor vehicle tax amount is due in one installment regardless of the amount. The payment was due July 1, 2020. The last day to pay without penalty was August 3, 2020. These bills reflect what Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles had registered to you on October 1, 2019.

Supplemental Tax
For vehicles registered after October 1, 2019, a supplemental tax bill was mailed on or around December 28, 2020. The payment was due January 1, 2021 with February 1, 2021 being the last day to pay before interest began to accrue.  

Business Property Tax
Business establishments are subject to a personal property tax, which includes primary business equipment and commercial furniture and fixtures. Unregistered motor vehicles for businesses or individuals will also be taxed in this fashion.