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Hazardous Waste Info

Household Hazardous Waste Schedule 2017

9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Collection is open to all residents of Berlin, Bristol, Burlington, Meriden, New Britain, Plainville, Plymouth, Prospect, Southington and Wolcott . 
Resident  I.D. is required.

April 22

Flier of Information

Behind Plymouth Town Hall
80 Main Street, Terryville


If the product you are using is:

  • Toxic or Reactive
  • Explosive Corrosive
  • Flammable

It can be hazardous to you and our environment!

Follow these instructions for proper disposal:

  • NEVER throw left over chemicals down the drain, in storm drains, on the ground or in the trash.
  • Give leftover or extra product to someone who can use it or bring it to a HHW collection day.
  • Recycle used motor oil at your town's designated collection site.
  • Recycle lead-acid car batteries by bringing them to a scrap metal dealer or battery retailer.
  • Buy only what you need - use all of what you buy.
  • Use non-toxic or less toxic substitutes for hazardous products.

These products should be brought to hazardous waste day.  Make sure they are sealed and packed in a sturdy crate or cardboard box.  Leave in your car only as long as necessary, and never smoke while handling. 5 gallon limit per person. No waste from businesses accepted.

Items to be accepted include:

In the kitchen and bathroom:

  • Non-empty aerosol cans
  • Household batteries
  • Furniture, floor & metal polishes
  • Bleach and spot remover
  • Oven, drain & household cleaners
  • Bug sprays
  • Disinfectants & mildew removers
  • CFL & fluorescent bulbs
  • Ammonia

In the Garage and Garden:

  • Paint, varnishes, shellac, stains, thinners & paint strippers
  • Pool and photographic chemicals
  • Lawn care chemicals such as pesticides & fertilizers
  • Auto fluids such as motor oil & antifreeze 
  • Car waxes and cleaners
  • Kerosene & fuel oil


  • Mercury (including thermometers and thermostats)
  • Waste fuel, moth balls, hobby supplies
  • Charcoal lighter fluid

DO NOT bring:

  • Appliances such as air conditioners and microwaves
  • Commercial or industrial waste
  • Electronics: TVs and computers
  • Empty containers
  • Flares, ammunition & other explosives
  • Medicines or medical devices
  • Open containers
  • Propane tanks
  • Smoke detectors
  • Tires

5 Gallon per person limit

Electronics (E-Waste)

Electronics are NOT collected at TROC Household Hazardous Waste Collections.

Free Paint-Only Drop Off Events for CT

Who can use the events?

These events are open to residents and businesses from any place in Connecticut. Participation is NOT restricted to only residents and businesses from town where the event is located.

What paint products can you bring?

Households may bring any amount of latex or oil-based paint to this event; however businesses may only bring latex paint because the State of Connecticut requires that business be "pre-screened" to make sure they qualify. If your business has oil based paint to recycle, please call us at 855-724-6809 for information on how to recycle non-latex products.

PaintCare Inc. is a non-profit organization established by the American Coatings Association to establish paint drop-off sites at about 100 paint stores and transfer stations throughout Connecticut where you will be able to recycle smaller amounts of paint year-round. Visit or call 855-724-6809 to learn more about the PaintCare program beginning July 1 in Connecticut.